We believe, that as a business who makes waste its also our responsibility to also reduce where we can! (That's where you come in!)

- All of our skincare products are made right here in Australia! 

- All of our packaging is sourced locally.

- We've chosen simple, recyclable packaging!

- We believe that our products will shine on their own so we have chosen to package our products with no extra, unnecessary, fiddly fancy bits! 

- We've made it really simple, so all we ask you to do is pop our packaging in your recycling, compost bin or reuse. when you are finished! 

Here's the DL:

Mail bags - Can be placed in your compost, green or recycle bin.

Mail boxes & filler - Straight in the recycle bin.

Skincare bottles - Remove the lids, rinse them clean and pop them in your recycle bin.

Lip balm & Deodorant packaging - clean and recycle!

Shaving cream tins - Can be recycled but why not keep it and find another use!

Our thank you cards! - Pop it on your mirror if you need a reminder of your routine. Otherwise, recycle!! 

Squeegee bags - Are reusable, simply remove the hygiene seal and find a use! 

Together we can make a change! xx